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Homeward 2020, which is now in the final phase of a ten-year plan to make homelessness in Fort Collins rare, short-lived, and non-recurring, aims to produce actionable, community-level data on the issue of homelessness and, armed with that data, identify and promote solutions that increase housing options, housing placements, and housing retention for people who are homeless.

Homeward 2020 and Homeward Alliance joined in mid-2017 to launch the Housing First Initiative (HFI), a two-year experimental initiative centered at the Murphy Center, as part of this endeavour. HFI collects statistics on homelessness at the city level, develops "housing-first" solutions, and offers extensive case management to chronically homeless persons. This study highlights new collaborations, discusses local data and learning experiences, and identifies trends and gaps.

At least 140 persons who had been homeless in Fort Collins for at least six months avoided homelessness when Sicne Homeward Alliance and Homeward 2020 started the Housing First Initiative in mid-2017. After six months, more over 90% remained housed.


  • These data points indicate Fort Collins' most recent status of long-term homelessness. As of the end of June 2019, all data points are current. The percentages are based on those who answered the specified questions/provided the appropriate data points.

    • Fort Collins has 434 persons who have been homeless for six months or more. Among them are the following:
    • Homelessness lasts on average 2.5 years.
    • 50% say they're disabled - 44% say they're dealing with substance abuse and/or mental health concerns
    • 70% percent of people had been homeless at least once before their present situation.

Resources, Community Partners, & Initiative

Homeward Alliance

Basic needs, housing-focused case management, behavioral health, and employment services are among the services provided by Homeward Alliance to families, individuals, and elders.

Homeward Initiative

The Homeward Initiative is committed to providing fresh ideas and creative solutions to the problems of housing, health, and education that young people face across the country.

Murphy Center

The Murphy Center's aim is to foster collaboration among independent institutions that provide a variety of services to those who are homeless or at danger of becoming homeless.

Realities For Children

Realities For Children meets the immediate and long-term needs of children who have been abused, neglected, abandoned, or are at-risk in Northern Colorado.

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