we will make homelessness
Rare, Short-lived and Non-Recurring

Homeward 2020 was a collaborative, strategic think-tank guiding implementation of Fort Collins’ 10-Year Plan to Make Homelessness Rare, Short-Lived and Non-Recurring by setting priorities, developing alignment and action plans, and suggesting policy from 2009-2020.

In 2020, following implementation of the final phase of Fort Collins 10-Year Pan, Homeward 2020 capitalized on the organization’s decade of disciplined research and system development, application of key evidence-based models, data collection, consultation with local and national experts, and ongoing, collaborative community work to create a final report and recommendations.

Working with the community, we developed a shared Coordinated Homeless Response system and Community Action Strategies identifying solutions to end homelessness, creating shared language and reference, prioritizing next steps and partnerships, and suggesting resources to leverage and layer towards the effort.

The goal is to secure a sustainable and effective system response to homelessness in Fort Collins. We know that the only true end to homelessness is a safe and stable place to call home.


Homeward 2020’s Four Roles Within Our Community


We bring the community together to ignite collective action and initiative.


We learn and strategize action together.


We advocate for an efficient and effective system to house people experiencing homelessness.


We collect and share data to improve understanding and drive outcomes.