We will make homelessness
Rare, Short-lived and Non-Recurring

Homeward 2020 is a collaborative, strategic think-tank guiding implementation of Fort Collins’ 10-Year Plan to Make Homelessness Rare, Short-Lived and Non-Recurring by setting priorities, developing alignment and action plans, and suggesting policy.

The 2018-2020 update of the 10-Year Plan broadly outlines strategies and activities the Homeward 2020 Director, multi-sector stakeholders, and the Homeward 2020 Community Collaborative focus on.

Homeward 2020 currently works on three, community-wide strategic priorities (details HERE):

  • Data development and reporting to improve understanding and outcomes. Collect and share actionable data, amplify communications and expand stakeholder engagement.
  • Efficient and effective housing and support solutions. Assess housing and support services and system performance, and constantly improve.
  • Building capacity and planning for a sustainable, responsive system. Refine and activate collaborative infrastructure to make homelessness solutions sustainable.

Homeward 2020’s Four Roles Within Our Community


We bring the community together to ignite action and initiative.



We learn and strategize together.



We advocate for an efficient and effective system.


Data Driven

We collect and share data to improve understanding and outcomes.