James and Cindy move a cart full of household items into his new apartment.
John and Katana embrace in their new kitchen. John is facing terminal cancer, and now he has a place to rest and recharge.
John, a senior veteran, experienced homelessness for over 2 years before acquiring affordable housing. John said the moral support he received along the way helped him the most.

Homeward 2020 is rooted in community-wide collaboration.

Our ongoing community-wide engagement aligned local services, government entities, business leadership, faith communities, civic groups, and community effort to understand local homelessness, explore best practices and ideas, and implement local solutions together to implement the Fort Collins Ten Year Plan to Make Homelessness Rare, Short-Lived and Non-Recurring from 2010 -2020.

For a decade, Homeward 2020 convened a multi-sector Community Collaborative of leaders every month to bring a range of professional, civic and life experience to Homeward 2020’s vision, strategies and success. This forum focussed on leadership learning and development to implement homeless solutions across the community.

Homeward 2020 also convened direct service providers for annual Think Tanks for training, to strengthen system response, identify gaps, explore new programs, and align funding and resourcing requests for upcoming projects.

Finally, Homeward 2020 conducted annual Community Conversations, as well as a winter season public Homeless Solutions Learning Series including movie and documentary viewing and discussions, guest speakers and panels, and partnerships with local agencies to host learning events.

The City of Fort Collins maintained a Memorandum of Understanding with Homeward 2020, pointing to the organization’s role in strategic planning, policy and facilitation of community-wide leadership development pertaining to homelessness solutions. Homeward 2020 presented updates, findings and resource recommendations to City Council annually.

Community Collaborative Members, Final Phase 2018-2020

Christine Kneeland | Community Member, Chair, Founding Member
Dave Edwards | Community Member, Co-Chair, Founding Member
Claire Bouchard | Vice-President, United Way of Larimer County
Joe Domko | Executive Director, Catholic Charities, Larimer County Region
Kelly Evans | Executive Director, Neighbor to Neighbor
Seth Forwood | Senior Director, Fort Collins Rescue Mission
Diane Jones | Former COFC Deputy City Manager, Community Member
Pam Jones | Crossroads Safehouse
Steve Kuehneman | Executive Director, Care Housing
Bill Kneeland | Attorney, Founding Member
Jacqueline Kozak-Thiel | Director, COFC Sustainability Services
Stephanie Madsen-Pixler | Director Community Based Services, SummitStone Health Partners
Carol Plock | Executive Director, Health District of Northern Colorado
Matt Robenalt | Executive Director, Downtown Development Authority
David Rout | Executive Director, Homeward Alliance
Nicole Staudinger | First Bank President, Northern Colorado; Housing Catalyst Board of Commissioners Chair
Jeff Swoboda | Police Chief, Fort Collins Police Services
Laura Walker | Human and Economic Health Director, Larimer County
Cheryl Zimlich | Executive Director, Bohemian Foundation, Founding Member

Our Director

Holly LeMasurier brought experience from twenty-plus years of facilitating diverse, collaborative, strategic social impact projects. She focuses on three intersecting approaches to driving initiatives: Community Capacity-Building & Empowerment, Place-Based Asset Development, and Co-Creating Opportunity Agendas. At Homeward 2020, Holly:

  • Developed tactical change, policy and advocacy agendas.
  • Linked intersectoral strategic networks for enhanced collaboration.
  • Co-created impactful actions, communications and engagement with stakeholders.
  • Constructed meaningful messaging, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting tools.

Holly joined Homeward 2020 after most recently serving as project manager of a volunteer-based community project, Safe Place to Rest, developing community-based overnight shelter options for people experiencing homelessness. She was formerly the City of Eugene, Oregon Human Rights Analyst, and an adjunct faculty of University of Oregon teaching Cross-cultural Communication and Africa Today. Holly obtained Masters degrees from University of Oregon in Community and Regional Planning, and in International Studies, both with a focus on social policy and community development. She also completed Human Rights law courses at University of Oregon School of Law. As an Amnesty International Human Rights Fellow, a Fulbright-Hays recipient in Ghana, and Peace Corps volunteer in Namibia, Holly developed a broad worldview and grassroots experiences as inspiration to drive unique place-based community empowerment initiatives.

Preventing and ending homelessness is good community development.

Join our commitment to making homelessness rare, short-lived, and non-recurring.

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