John and Katana moved into housing with a Housing Choice Voucher after John was prioritized in the local Coordinated Entry system. John faces terminal cancer and his hospital visits have significantly decreased since the couple obtained housing.


James and Marla, Housing First Initiative Director, schedule Marla’s next home visit to celebrate his 60th birthday. When Brown decided to work toward obtaining housing, he started using a planner to keep track of goals and appointments.

The Final Phase of Our Work 2017-2020

Timely updates of the 10-Year Plan outline current collective efforts and evidence-based approaches to strengthen our local system to end homelessness in Fort Collins.

The 2018-2020 update of the 10-Year Plan broadly outlined community-wide strategies and activities the Homeward 2020 Director, multi-sector stakeholders, work groups, and the Homeward 2020 Community Collaborative focused on in its final phase:

  • Data development and reporting to improve understanding and outcomes.
  • Demonstrations of effective housing and support solutions for those who are chronically unhoused.
  • Building capacity and planning for a sustainable, responsive system.

Specific capacity building projects and new program development also focused on ending long-term homelessness for our community’s most vulnerable. To achieve this, we catalyzed key ‘evidence-to-action’ community projects from proven evidence-based models:

  • Housing First & and the Housing First Initiative;
  • Frequent Utilizer System Engagement & the Fort Collins FUSE Initiative;
  • Expanding rapid-rehousing opportunities;
  • Bonding the nexus between Housing and Health by deepening connections and sharing outcomes across these social sectors.