Fort Collins Mayor Wade Troxell encourages Housing First Initiative summit attendees and the Fort Collins community to implement diverse housing solutions and pathways out of homelessness.
Rodger works with housing staff to finish paperwork and plan for move in.

About Housing First Initiative

Over two-years, Housing First Initiative developed and tested Housing First solutions through local partnerships and strong collaborations that supported intensive case management to transition participants from chronic homelessness to homes. The project documented over 140 successful housing exits out of long-term homelessness among individuals known in the community  – documenting experiences and evidence of local housing solutions. However, at the close of the two-year project over 400 people were still experiencing long-term homelessness in Fort Collins, resulting in broad stakeholder advocacy to ‘scale up’ known solutions making an impact.

The project produced quarterly reports to Fort Collins City Council, City of Fort Collins Executive-level leaders and diverse community stakeholders on priority gaps to address and solutions, as well as alert city leaders to the growing homelessness crisis, particularly around healthcare and critical affordable housing concerns. HFI reports focused on engagement and investment in solutions together.

Homeward 2020 and Homeward Alliance partnered to create the Housing First Initiative (HFI), implemented as a two-year data and discovery project based at the Murphy Center from June 1, 2017 – June 30, 2019.

The program is now sustained as Housing First Initiative at Homeward Alliance.

Community Dashboard: Addressing Long-Term Homelessness in Fort Collins

Addressing Long-Term Homelessness in Fort Collins Community Dashboard

The HFI data dashboard reflects system and population data on long-term homelessness in Fort Collins over two years. It is an interactive, data analysis tool, updated quarterly to help us monitor our progress housing persons experiencing long-term homelessness in Fort Collins, as well identify trends of inflow and outflow over time.

HFI Media

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Health District of Northern Larimer County’s “Community at Work” KRFC radio program, April 19, 2018. Update on Homeward 2020, the think-tank guiding implementation of Fort Collins’ 10-year Plan to make homelessness rare, short-lived and non-recurring. Guests were Homeward 2020 Director Holly LeMasurier, Marla Cleary, the director of the Housing First Initiative that collects data on long-term homelessness in the city, and Jess Fear, the Health District’s Community Impact Team liaison for building intensive care teams for people experiencing chronic homelessness. Sound Cloud file here.

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